• Production of various purpose load carrying vehicle bodies (refrigerators, isothermal, lightly insulated, tip-up, log carriers) as well as trailers and semi trailers.
  • Installation of city, suburban, long-haul and special purpose minibuses, production of campers.
  • Production of Sandwich, Plywood and other plates for vans.
  • We install and equip load carrying cars with hydraulic loading/unloading equipment, end lifters, refrigerating units, sliding hydraulic floor, hydro manipulators, tool boxes, under wings, protections from getting under the body, load fastening devices, spoilers etc.
  • Installation of various purpose minibuses and buses (body prolongation, passenger compartment equipment, seat installation, conditioning and heating system installation, powered door gears for minibuses, autonomous heater installation, audio and video installation, chassis level maintaining air bag mounting).

All the works performed and equipment installed are given a warrant.